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DISEASED: Retribution is a zombie survival first person shooter with a twist. As you spawn in your goal will be to kill as many zombies (diseased) as possible, earn coins, and progress through the waves. Inspired by great titles such as Fortnite and PUBG, a storm is brewing around you and will force you to move to different parts of the map. Once you pass wave 14 the entire map will be unlocked for you to explore and continue fighting for as long as you can. Always keep an eye out for the nearest ShopBuff location because only there can you buy essential food, drink, and medical supplies, as well as several weapons to aid in your fight. ShopBuff is truly your only hope of survival in this game.


Version 0.2.0a brings some great new additions which include:

  • Bosses were added to make things a bit more exciting.
  • The island was updated and further refined.
  • Multiple bugs were squashed.
  • UI was tweaked especially in the shopBuff.
  • Powerup spawn frequency changed a bit.
  • Castle trap difficulty reduced.
  • Ability to fast forward to wave 15 mid-game (if you previously beat the storm on this version).
  • A couple parts were moved around, collect all of them to receive 10,000 in-game coins (enough coins for the Flamers Rifle).
  • Should be easier to earn coins in this version.

Helpful Hints:

There are 21 parts to find in the game with one of those parts in a certain building and one in a castle. Find all of them and get a large in-game coin reward (10,000 in-game coins).

How to use cheats: In the games pause menu hold down the 'D' key, 'I' key, 'S' key, '5' key, and '0' key at the same time to access the DEVACCESS Control Panel. You can choose between nearly infinite money, as many diseased as your system can handle, and skipping waves at the press of a key.

Please Note: As this is an alpha build potentially unknown bugs are always possible. Though from my own testing it seems this is the most stable DISEASED in the series and most major bugs should already be solved. Please let me know in the comments here if you experience any major or minor bugs as it will help DISEASED improve in the future.

Also let me know what you think so far and what you would like to see added in the future to this game.

indieTree Games hopes you enjoy this early alpha with many more updates to come in the future and a final release in spring 2019!

Enjoy playing :)


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